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Secret Gnome Page

You have stumbled upon the secret Gnome Page.

The secret Gnome page is all about our little friend Proxy Pete. 

You see our friend Pete is in the Navy Reserves and was activated August 1st, 2004 and is currently in Iraq.  At Pete's going away party we introduced Pete to Proxy Pete whose sole mission is to keep Pete updated on the things going on back here in the States until he returns in April, 2005.

This secret page is chronicling the activities of Proxy Pete.

Here is a photo slide show of the activity on August 1st .  The file is 6.131 MB so if you  are on dial-up it may take awhile.

Here is a photo slide show of a ride Proxy Pete took on September 6th  with Dave "The Cable Guy".  The file is 5.6 MB so again dial-up may take awhile.

Also both photo slide shows are in .wmv, i.e. Windows Media File format.

Amazingly enough, there are dual Gnomes.  On the weekend of September 18-19, 2004, Proxy Pete II took a weekend getaway to Ocean City , Maryland .  A good time was had by all ! !   At the same time on the other side of the country, Proxy Pete I was basking in the sun in Las Vegas, Zion National Park...... He even managed to get in a swim, albeit a face down float.  Must have been that Cuervo 1800....Check out the Las Vegas Page .

Stay tuned to see what other trouble the Gnome gets into.....


Unfortunately, the photo slide shows are not working properly yet.  Sorry, I hope to get it squared away soon.  Thanks for your patience.......the Webmaster Shack Daddy !






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